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Around the Clock is well-renowned for its services and we credit a good portion of our success to the architect himself, Al Cisneros. He comprised a senior level team, of experts, where each has backgrounds and experiences in protection services. Together, this cohesive team remains fully informed, well-balanced and in alignment.

Our Infrastructure is designed in a pattern similar to an inverted pyramid that sits on a foundation guided by Around The Clock’s Core Values and Service Philosophies. Industry professionals have been brought together to provide additional support, as Advisors.

Our Clients are at the top of the pyramid, and down through the base of the pyramid, we are structured to produce powerhouse results of support and sustainability to the heart of the Corporation, our Officers. Down through to the base, the loads are heavy but cohesively work as one to support the weight and do so with pride!

We are dedicated, hardworking, and trustworthy and take our jobs and those who we protect, very seriously.

Selecting Professional Security

"Selecting the right Security Firm to meet the most demanding security requirements entails research and often, feedback from the Firm’s Clientele to help support your decision. Our offerings for Executive Protection, Private Investigation and Physical Security are preferred by many and we know their feedback will make the selection process clear and informative.

Weather your need’s require maximum visibility or discrete undercover protection, each Officer will perform with professional excellence, stemming from their impressive career experiences and portfolios of successfully completed workshops and educational courses.

By far, Around the Clock’s team of Officer’s are the finest available, we guarantee it!”