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Founder // Chief Executive Officer

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Around the Clock Protection Services, CEO

As Founder and CEO of Around the Clock Perspective Services, Al is responsible for everything that happens within the company. However, he has great trust in the company’s Executives who afford him the opportunity to focus on ATC’s services, its clients, potential clients and its product. Al is a master-class instructor, at the University.
Senior level managers report to him and he directs the business goals and objectives all the while maintaining the company’s strategic plans. Al holds the Company’s most pivotal role, literally Around the Clock reflecting the company’s culture and service philosophy.


LAPD, Police Officer II

Dedicated and accomplished law enforcement professional with specialized knowledge. His achievements are in multiple areas of security management, public safety and criminal investigation since 1993. Al’s experience as a disciplined leader, proficient in guiding, influencing and empowering others to maintain law and order is second to none. He’s proven his capacity to assist diverse populations and perform under pressure, remaining calm and professional in emergency conditions.

He is dynamic and highly skilled at resolving conflicts and diffusing hostility amidst diversity. He does this with strong, personal commitment upholding the highest standards and enforcing laws. He is dedicated to exhibiting professionalism and remains a strong supporter of continued educational, training and skills development.


  • Accident Investigation
  • Analysis Crisis Intervention
  • Case Management
  • Community Policing
  • Crime Prevention
  • Criminal Law Case Investigation
  • Evidence Collection
  • Human Relations
  • Procedural Compliance
  • Traffic Law


  • Active Shooter Response
  • Arrest and Control
  • Bomb Threats and Detection
  • Community Policing
  • Computer Forensics
  • Criminal Law
  • Domestic Security
  • Domestic Terrorism
  • Domestic Violence
  • Homeland Security
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Police Academy Training [P.O.S.T.]
  • Private Investigations
  • Risk Management
  • Stalker Profiling
  • Surveillance/Counter Surveillance
  • SWAT Techniques
  • Tactical Event Planning
  • Threat Assessment and Management
  • Use of Force
  • Workplace Violence

ROBERT JARAMILLO // Field + Operations

Officer Jaramillo is a veteran officer of a large metropolitan Police Department. Through the years he’s been exposed to tactical training and actively applies these skills, while on duty. They include handling of firearms, field tactics, crowd assessment, domestic violence, traffic control, arrest/control, suspicious packages, emergency vehicle operations, narcotics chase car, narcotics- handling/booking, dignitary protection and bicycle patrol.

 DOMINGO SILVA// Field + Operations

Officer Domingo Silva is a veteran officer of a large metropolitan Police Department, for over ten years. It is there where he has gained extensive training in the field of “gangs” and “narcotics.” While conducting street cop duties, Officer Silva served on many of the Department’s specialized units, including: undercover assignments and special problem units. He currently serves on the Department’s Elite UPR (Urban Police Rifle) Tactical Shotgun cadre.

Officer Silva has received extensive training in tactics, active shooter responder, crowd management, weapons of mass destruction, dignitary protection and bomb/explosive threats. He remains involved in the local community and is recognized for his efforts by the Department’s Human Resources Office.



ALFONSO CISNEROS, JR. // Armed Security Division Manager

Alfonso, aka “Al Jr. and Little Al” is a chip off the old block. Raised to follow in father’s footsteps, “Little Al” brings to the company a fresh look and appreciation for today’s “people” driven service business. Al successfully leads ATC’s Armed Security Division He is one of the most senior members on the Around the Clock Team. His work ethic allows him to be exposed to large amounts of industry events ranging from full-facility convention and trade shows to special, red carpet events. He has a wealth of knowledge, few can compare to, combined with his steady state demeanor and dependability, his presence is a welcomed and reassuring.
Given his leadership style, he automatically gravitates to supporting all officers and events with industry best practices. He provides on-going performance assessments, feedback, and individualized coaching and mentorship to our officers and is a member of the faculty, at the University. He spends a great deal of time instructing our Officers both in the classroom and in the field.



MONICA CISNEROS // Human Resources Manager

ATC’s Human Resource Manager maintains our day-to-day operations as they pertain to Human Resources as well as the administration and implementation of HR related policies and procedures.
Her main responsibilities are focused on supporting the Department Heads with Human Resource; while maintaining the Company’s Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).
Monica actively participates in training and development. She is the administrator of employment benefits, compensation, career track monitoring, and licensure validation. She is also an Instructor at the University:

  • Recruiting and staffing logistics
  • Employment compliance to regulatory concerns and reporting avenues
  • Employee on-boarding process
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Employee relations
  • Employee safety, welfare, wellness and health
  • Employee services and counseling

Monica confidentially executes her duties to provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity, standards and goal attainment.

She supports the company’s ability to deliver requested amounts of personnel with careful monitoring and communication with Field Operations. She is well skilled in recruiting the most talented applicants capable and qualified to join the team.

Theresa // Administration Manager

Theresa strategy, planning, coordination and management of Around the Clock’s day to day operations while efficiently handing the core foundation of Around the Clock’s business.

Being most knowledgeable, she provides recommendations to the CEO regarding company wide goals, objectives and new policies.

She develops, implements and maintains all corporate policies and procedures and words closely with legal counsel for all [non HR] legal claims where she closely guides counsel with each claim.

Theresa confidently presents herself with the company’s service philosophy and ensures it transcends into the working environment. This includes supporting each department head as necessary to get the job done.

Our success is largely due to her ability to strategically plan and be guided by her gut instincts  She anticipates the needs of our clients but the needs of the heart and soul of our company, our employees.

Selecting Professional Security

"Selecting the right Security Firm to meet the most demanding security requirements entails research and often, feedback from the Firm’s Clientele to help support your decision. Our offerings for Executive Protection, Private Investigation and Physical Security are preferred by many and we know their feedback will make the selection process clear and informative.

Weather your need’s require maximum visibility or discrete undercover protection, each Officer will perform with professional excellence, stemming from their impressive career experiences and portfolios of successfully completed workshops and educational courses.

By far, Around the Clock’s team of Officer’s are the finest available, we guarantee it!”